Hi I'm Dave and I live in Queensland, Australia.  This is my blog where I'll be posting recipes that I have cooked at home.  I especially like cooking for my wife Teena, who has her own blog Flushed with Rosy Colour, and for my son Thomas (even though most of it ends up on the floor!).  I think one of the pleasures of cooking is seeing other people enjoy the food you have created.

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  1. Hi Dave, thank you for being the 200th blogger to follow me. I have a feature, just starting, highlighting a blogger a week. I had decided the first one, I would write up would be the 200th blogger, you. Before, I so anything, I want your permission. I have no idea if you want any publicity, not that you necessarily will get that from my blog. Please let me know, hopefully today, because Sunday (in the US) is when I want to post the new blog. Also, tell me anything you want about you or your blog, you would like included. Thanks for considering this. Looking foward to you response. Chaya


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