Thursday, July 8, 2010

Passionfruit Kisses

We had a handful of passionfruit to use up, and came across this recipe for Passionfruit Melting Moments, although we prefer to call them Passionfruit Kisses.  They looked so good we just had to try them!


250g unsalted butter, softened
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 cup pure icing sugar
2 cups plain flour
1/3 cup cornflour

Passionfruit filling
60g butter
1 large passionfruit
1 cup pure icing sugar

Preheat oven to 160°C.  Line two trays with baking paper.
Cream butter, vanilla and icing sugar with an electric mixer (or a hand mixer like the one above if you're feeling energetic!).  Once mixture is light and fluffy, add flours and continue to mix until it forms a soft dough.

Roll  small teaspoons of the mixture into balls and place on trays.  Use a fork to flatten each biscuit.  Bake for 15 minutes or until firm.  They don't change colour much so don't go off that.  Cool them completely before adding icing.

To make the passionfruit filling, beat butter until light and fluffy. Stir in passionfruit pulp and icing sugar.  Spoon 1 tsp of the filling onto the flat side of a biscuit and top with another biscuit.  Repeat with remaining biscuits.  Dust with icing sugar.

For us the icing texture was not quite right.  It wasn't fluffy enough, perhaps I didn't beat it enough or something.  It still worked ok and tasted great, but it should have been thicker and creamier.  We will make these again for sure, but I'll try something different with the icing.  The biscuits could have been a bit thinner as well, as when you put them together they can be quite thick.

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  1. My heart stopped at the site of these.
    They look scrumptious!!! I want to make them ASAP!

  2. they look great Dave. I'll try this sometime.
    Have a good day. Michael

  3. Oh passion fruit in your biscuit... I had them in my b-day cake just recently. Your recipe looks delish :)

  4. I've never seen the likes of these before. They look delicious. Now the quest to find passion fruit begins :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. These are adorable! Now I'll know what to do with passion fruit! Thanks!

  6. I've never used a passionfruit before, but now that I've seen these, I think that will have to change! :)

  7. I've never had passion fruit. These look delcious. I think they would be great with afternoon tea!

  8. They look delicious. I think I'll try them as a thumb print cookie .

  9. Passionfruit is the most fabulous flavor in the world and combine that with melting moments. Ooh la la! I want to make these.

  10. I like the name you gave this recipe better than the original name. But whatever you call them they will still look delicious!

  11. These were great! And don't you just adore our luvey duvey mixing bowl and measuring spoons??
    <3 <3

  12. These look spectacular! You always have such interesting flavors in your recipes.

    I have had a hard time clicking through to your blog the last couple days, not sure why.

  13. Passion fruit has always been a favorite of mine. These looks fabulous, they will have to go in my "must try" book!

  14. These look Awesome Dave!! what more could you ask for, yoyo's with passion fruit..... Mouth drools........


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